ROOR Repair and rental services

ROOR Is known for its customer service,  ROOR Shop Amsterdam provides a repair and rental service.

Some of the breakage in a piece is quite repairable, so it might be an option to repair a piece before you throw it out. We at ROOR repair our own ROOR products because we know the whole production process they been trough and therefore we know what is possible to repair  and what not.

If you would like more information on ROOR repair service, Prices  visit the OFFICIAL ROOR WEBSITE you can also send your repair to Germany straight away, trough this repairlink.

You can always contact us or visit us at the ROOR Shop.

  • ROOR Shop Amsterdam
  • Sint Nicolaasstraat 19
  • 1012NJ Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • +31 20 330 2681